Holiday Skin Care

Hey Guys,

Welcome back to my blog. I have had a week off from writing as I have been on my holidays to beautiful Greece, but don’t worry, my mind was buzzing with so many ideas and lots of inspiration for the direction of my blog. It really is true that a change of scenery can do the world of good to get your creative juices flowing.


I realised when I was away how much I love all my beauty products and how I love to visit new places, it made me think that this would be my main focus on what I could share with you all through my posts. Like I said, when I got back off holiday I was really refreshed and refocused and now I’ve got lots of posts ready to be shared. My next few are all beauty related, but who doesn’t love to know about some amazing products that are all out there on the market right now.

So let’s get straight in to me telling you about my holiday skincare routine.

Now I don’t know about anyone else but when I go away on a Sunbathing holiday, as I call them, I really struggle with keeping my skin in good condition. It can either break out in spots, caused by my skin getting so hot under my sun cream, or it can really dry out due to the heat. This time around though I was so happy as no spots appeared and I managed to keep my skin relatively hydrated. I suffer from dry skin anyway, and eczema around my eyes, so for me the way I looked after my skin on holiday really did help those conditions.

I thought I would share with you the products I used and would totally swear by on another hot holiday.


This gorgeous little set is from ESPA, I picked it up from the Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool One. I think this set is around £18 and the products inside are larger than samples but not full sized products.

I started off by using Garnier Micellar Water. I use this at home every day and knew I had to take it away with me, the travel size of these bottles are perfect, depending on how much you need of it, I’d say on average this size bottle would last you for 2-3 weeks. I think it is perfect for removing make up and eye make up, which is always a winner.


I’d then move on to using the cleansing milk from the EPSA kit. I use 1 or 2 cotton pads with this on just to remove any lasting make up that is still on. Plus, the cleansing milk feels lovely on your skin.

After this I wash my face with warm water, this is just a preference for me as sometimes I don’t like the residue of the cleansing products on my face. On holiday I washed my face using the Skin Polish from the kit, it is a soft facial scrub that I apply all over my face and massage in and then remove with the water. Your skin honestly feels so soft after using this.


I then apply the Hydrating Floral Spafresh, I use this as a toner. The smell of this is lovely and is one of the reasons I bought this kit as I had a facial that involved the Floral scented toner. It is very hydrating for the skin, you can feel is soaking in and leaving your skin looking highlighted even before you apply the moisturisers.

The final part of my skincare routine was to apply the 24 Hour Replenishing Moisturiser all over my face and neck and then add a small touch of the 24 Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser to my under eye, you don’t need a lot of this as it spreads very well.

My skin when going to bed felt clean and fresh, and on waking up it was not dry, it felt hydrated and plump from the use of the moisturisers.

I was so impressed at how this routine looked after my skin that I’ve continued it now I’m back, and still I’m having success with my complexion.


Although we look a little tired in these pictures you can see that our skin looks healthy and glowing. We decided when travelling home that we wouldn’t wear make up, we barely wore a lot throughout the holiday, but especially on a flight it is important to stay moisturised, the horrible cabin air can really play havoc with your skin. In fact, if any air cabin staff read this, you should totally comment on this blog and share your skincare tips, as your skin always looks fab.


Please let me know if you did enjoy this blog and have any other good tips and products for looking after holiday skin.


Jess xoxo


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