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Exploring our own City!


How many times have you been to your City Centre and seen tourists everywhere and said “you know what, one day we should come and do some tourist stuff”, and you say it for years, but never get round to it. Well, at the weekend, me and the ladies from work finally had our Tourist Day. We booked our tickets for the Liverpool Sightseeing Bus via Groupon, we got an amazing deal at £9 for 2 people on the “Hop On Hop Off” bus. If you don’t get off the bus it’s an hour round trip, and the hour goes so fast, it’s really interesting and good fun, we wanted to stay on for another trip round. Liverpool has so much history to hear about, but also so many beautiful buildings to look at. Liverpool has the most listed buildings, most museums and galleries and is the most filmed city, all outside of London.

We were so lucky with the weather, we managed to sit in the open on the top deck, we were like the naughty kids claiming the back row. We actually ended up chatting to a lot of people on the bus who were from out of the city and advising them on which stops are great to get off at, or other places to go check out that the bus doesn’t cover.

I’d recommend buying the voucher for the bus as you have 4 months to use it, and they come so regularly throughout the day, so on a sunny day pop in to town and have a go.

No girly day out would be complete without some Cocktails though. We went to “Pinch” on Castle Street for these. It’s safe to say that I love Pinch. It’s a tiny little bar that serves cocktails, mixers, and all kinds of beers, along with really delicious tapas dishes. You can sit outside or inside, inside at night is lovely though, with the tables lit with candles and the really cool bar lit up in front of an authentic stain glass window. On a sunny day though, you can’t beat a cocktail in front of the Town Hall.

Pinch In The Day

Pinch At Night

We finished the day off with some delicious tapas at La Tasca, we used the 25% Off Voucher that’s in my previous blog, and the meal turned out to be a super delicious bargain.

I’d really recommend being a tourist for the day, and trying somewhere new to eat or drink, it makes for a really fun and memorable day. Let me know if you have done any other fun bits around the City and we will try them out.

Until next time,

Jess xoxo






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