Film Review – June


Oh boy, I know it has been over 2 weeks since I last posted and I apologise. I have been so busy with lots of exciting things that I can share soon, and not so exciting things – work, and being ill. The weather has been glorious recently, and I am a complete summer baby and sun lover, however sometimes it gets the better of me and I can suffer with sunstroke/heat exhaustion, and it is horrendous. I’m getting over that now anyway, and my brain has kicked back in to gear, so I thought I’d do a film review blog for you guys on some new releases that would be good to go see this month.

I’m such a film lover, and I love going to the cinema, but it is SO expensive to go nowadays. At the minute though Odeon are offering “2 for £10” vouchers when you go and buy a ticket. So we made our choice to pay full price each to go see a movie in the hopes we’d get some vouchers, and we did (result), so now we’ve seen some great films thanks to this.

Bad Neighbours 2 (15)


This movie was released at the beginning of May, but is still showing now. I’m always sceptical about a follow up movie as when I have loved the first one, I think how can they match or beat it? But this one was hilarious, possibly funnier than the first one. Both movies are about a married couple (Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne) who live on a lovely suburban street, until a fraternity moves in next door, and their quiet, peaceful lives are turned upside down. The second movie sees a sorority move in next door, and similarly to the first film, a war breaks out between the two houses. The couple’s old neighbour, head of the Frat House, Teddy (Zac Efron) helps the couple to take down the Sorority after being denied by the girls to let him share tips on running the best ever “frat house”. The film essentially calls to 3 different audiences, the early thirties couple who are set up in marriage and babies but want to be able to relive their exciting teenage years, the late twenties guy that is still struggling to decide where life is going, and the university first years who are looking to break the mould and change the world (those lovely thoughts everyone has when they’re fresh faced at 18!). If you like 21 Jump Street, Knocked Up, those kind of movies, then you’ll love this.


Alice Through The Looking Glass (PG)


I have been so excited for the release of this movie. I am such an Alice In Wonderland fan. I can remember watching the Disney movie for the first time when I was about 6 and just loved it. Then as I have got older I’ve started to collect different editions of the books, and really start to appreciate Lewis Carroll’s story even more. This film refers to Alice as a “head strong girl”, and I love that, she’s a strong female character that girls can admire. I know it’s only fiction, but we all have to get inspiration from somewhere. Alice Kingsleigh discovers her way back to Wonderland through the Looking Glass (a mirror, ‘looking glass’ sounds much more magical), and is thrilled to see her old friends, yet they inform her that the Hatter is not well and must be saved, this sparks her adventures again and she must travel through time to save the Hatter, but not change the past, only learn from it. This film sees the return of Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp, and Mia Wasikowska, but also adds Sacha Baron Cohen to its incredible cast. It’s a must see film for all ages.


The Nice Guys (15)


I hadn’t seen much advertising for this film until I stalked the Cannes Film Festival and read some of the early reviews, and then Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling appeared on a hilarious episode of Graham Norton to promote it. I had no idea what to expect from it, as it kind of looked like a mixture of Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle, but with more comedy value thrown in, it actually turned out be to quite similar to this, but definitely a one of a kind movie. It is set in Los Angeles in the 70’s, and is super authentic to the time, the costumes, the locations, the music, even the camera filter of the whole movie seemed a little more shaded, and sees two totally different Private Investigators cross paths, Russel Crowe is the brains and brawn, and Ryan Gosling is the knowledge. The film is super easy to follow, but has a completely insane plot line, it is a gritty story, and pretty sinister, but Ryan Gosling’s happy-go-lucky, but in fact quite sad, character provides laughs all the way through. It was a film that as I was watching it, I was thinking I’d get this on DVD and watch it again, but I like a quite obscure and quirky film that only comes round once in a while. Gosling and Crowe really bounce off each other in this film. I’d say if you enjoyed American Hustle and Seven Psychopaths then you’d enjoy this.   

If you have seen these already, let me know what you think. Also, if you recommend any other films that are out right now, or coming up, that I may have missed, just let me know. Heads up though, I have a super long Wish List of films that are out this year, to name a few – Money Monster, XMen, Suicide Squad, Now You See Me 2 and Finding Dory, I am totally happy to only eat beans on toast for months so I can go see all these and more.

Until next time,

Jess xoxo


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